Come As You Are

Hello Friends!  

This morning I wanted to attend the Pawsibilities Advisory Board Meeting and also walk Misty (mom-in-law’s pupper) before it got too hot.  If I was up earlier I could have easily accomplished both, however that wasn’t in today’s cards. So, after fumbling with Microsoft Teams gremlins for a bit I was able to join the meeting while walking Misty.  I’m so glad that I did because I love that group!

That got me thinking about two things:

  1. Often, however not always, we have time for whatever we choose.
  2. Come as you are” rocks as a meeting or event attire recommendation.

I present and write about various leadership and allyship-related topics and the importance of prioritization usually comes up. Including the need to prioritize prioritization 🤓.  Are you engaged with work, activities, events that fuel your passion and purpose? If not, why? I get it, life is busy.  We are so focused on getting the things done that are right in front of us that we do not often make time for considering why we are doing what we are doing. The only person that is going to get you ahead of (in front of and in control of) that busyness is you. It’s a decision. When you do make the decision to stop and consider, celebrate and move into the space of being more proactive instead of reactive.

Priya Parker’s work around the ‘art of gathering’ is also rooted in being intentional and proactive. In how we gather, how we participate in meetings, and how we make decisions. She reminds us that most people want to understand expectations prior to joining an event.  It makes it easier to say yes or no.  What would happen if you reinforced that ‘come as you are’ is the expected attire at the next meeting or event you host? Encouraging guests to ‘come as they are’ is one of many positive steps to

wards creating inclusive events so that the folks that show up really feel that they belong. 

Thank you Pawsibilities Team for always walking that talk.

In the end, it’s all about being intentional with the choices that we make. It is about learning from the not so good choices, apologizing if we screw up, celebrating the wins, and moving on to more intentional future choices.

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