Purpose is Power

Most organizations and associations have a documented purpose. Have you ever made the time to think about and create your own personal purpose statement? Your personal purpose statement should be short and sweet, action-oriented, and will likely evolve over time. It should answer questions such as:

“Why do I exist?”
“What matters most to me?”
“Why do I get up in the morning?”
“What are my superpowers?
“How do I want to be remembered?”

If you are not sure how to get started on documenting your purpose then think about the answers to the questions listed above. Start with a few key words and morph that into one or two action-oriented sentences that ring true to you.

If you already have a written purpose statement – well done! Now might be a good time to review and refine to ensure your purpose statement is still valid, and that your daily actions and activities are in alignment with your purpose! Having a documented purpose statement helps you to know what to say yes to and what to say no to. It will help you to focus, serves as a guiding light, and keeps you engaged with what matters most. To YOU.

the purpose of live is to lead a life of purpose