Does Your Workplace Have an Inclusivity Problem?

August 31, 2021|

Does Your Workplace Have an Inclusivity Problem? Pic cred AirFocus on Unsplash Consider the following questions in the context of your current workplace.  Or if you are currently in a career transition, consider the questions as they relate to a previous work environment. Is there a publicly posted anti-harassment and non-discrimination policy? Has the current [...]

Humanizing Quick Shares

April 20, 2021|

Humanizing Quick Shares Humanizing Quick SharesPic cred: Matheus FerreroWhat is a critical attribute needed to lead today? A massive abundance of empathy.And what is one of the best ways to build trust?  Shared experiences.With both of these facts in mind consider creating a moment of shared humanity and lightheartedness before jumping into your next meeting agenda.  [...]

Feedback is a Gift

April 15, 2021|

Feedback is a Gift Thanks to Dr. Jen Brandt, AVMA Director of Wellbeing & Diversity Initiatives, I was exposed to the WWW EBY feedback model several years ago.  I use it to gain all types of feedback and share it wide and far, including with my clients.  PrideVMC used it this year to gather feedback [...]

Purpose is Power

February 9, 2021|

Purpose is Power Most organizations and associations have a documented purpose. Have you ever made the time to think about and create your own personal purpose statement? Your personal purpose statement should be short and sweet, action-oriented, and will likely evolve over time. It should answer questions such as: “Why do I exist?” “What matters [...]