Humanizing Quick Shares

April 20, 2021|

Humanizing Quick Shares Humanizing Quick Shares Pic cred: Matheus Ferrero What is a critical attribute needed to lead today? A massive abundance of empathy. And what is one of the best ways to build trust?  Shared experiences. With both of these facts in mind consider creating a moment of shared humanity and lightheartedness before jumping [...]

Feedback is a Gift

April 15, 2021|

Feedback is a Gift Thanks to Dr. Jen Brandt, AVMA Director of Wellbeing & Diversity Initiatives, I was exposed to the WWW EBY feedback model several years ago.  I use it to gain all types of feedback and share it wide and far, including with my clients.  PrideVMC used it this year to gather feedback [...]

Purpose is Power

February 9, 2021|

Purpose is Power Most organizations and associations have a documented purpose. Have you ever made the time to think about and create your own personal purpose statement? Your personal purpose statement should be short and sweet, action-oriented, and will likely evolve over time. It should answer questions such as: “Why do I exist?” “What matters [...]

Mastering Meeting Facilitation

January 20, 2021|

Mastering Meeting Facilitation A productive, efficient meeting is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately unproductive, inefficient meetings are more often the norm. How do you become known as the person that only schedules meetings when necessary and needed? And how do you get to the point where people look forward to the next meeting you facilitate because [...]

Self-Care and Servant Leadership are Not Mutually Exclusive

January 1, 2021|

Self-Care and Servant Leadership are Not Mutually Exclusive It’s true what the flight attendants tell us - the oxygen mask rule is legit. If there is an emergency while in flight we should put the oxygen mask on ourselves first, before we try to put it on our child or whomever is occupying the seat next to [...]