Space for Racism in Veterinary Medicine

January 9, 2022|

Space for Racism in Veterinary Medicine "There is no space in veterinary medicine for racism." There is much I love about the shirt I'm wearing as I travel home from the 2021 AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference including: Danielle Lambert and the Snout School created it with proceeds going to the BlackDVM Network (cheers to Dr. [...]

Smartcuts for Work-Life Integration

January 3, 2022|

Smartcuts for Work-Life Integration Smartcuts for Work-Life Integration Have you ever been asked, “Are you traveling for work or for pleasure?”  If we are traveling for work and our response to that question is not “both”, then it is time to reboot and recharge.  For most of us, work-life balance is unrealistic and embracing work-life [...]

How Inclusive Is Your Workplace?

August 31, 2021|

How Inclusive Is Your Workplace? Pic cred AirFocus on Unsplash Consider the following questions in the context of your current workplace.  Or if you are currently in a career transition, consider the questions as they relate to a previous work environment. Is there a publicly posted anti-harassment and non-discrimination policy? Has the current staff team [...]

Humanizing Quick Shares

April 20, 2021|

Humanizing Quick Shares Humanizing Quick Shares Pic cred: Matheus Ferrero What is a critical attribute needed to lead today? A massive abundance of empathy. And what is one of the best ways to build trust?  Shared experiences. With both of these facts in mind consider creating a moment of shared humanity and lightheartedness before jumping [...]

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