Feedback is a Gift

Dr. Mia Cary, CEO & Change Agent, Cary Consulting

Thanks to Dr. Jen Brandt, AVMA Director of Wellbeing & Diversity Initiatives, I was exposed to the WWW EBY feedback model several years ago.  I use it to gain all types of feedback and share it wide and far, including with my clients.  PrideVMC used it this year to gather feedback from their members and I use it annually to gather feedback for my own personal and professional development from colleagues as well as current and previous clients.

How it Works

WWW stands for the question ‘What’s working well?’ and EBY stands for the question ‘What could be even better yet?’  There is no limit to the ways this simple and effective model can be leveraged for gaining in-the-moment feedback. When used with a direct report it is ideal to first ask your team member their perception of WWW and EBY, and then share your own perspectives.

WWW EBY can be used to gain feedback via an online survey or gathering closing thoughts from meeting participants.  The ultimate goal is to create a culture where feedback is shared often, and viewed as a gift. 


What’s working well?

What could be even better yet?




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