Tootie Tutelage #23 – The Best Moment is This One

Dr. Mia Su Cary, CEO & Change Agent, Cary Consulting


During the last year or so of my Mom’s life her cognition was sometimes strong, and sometimes not so much.  On one of my very last visits with her she was a bit out of it and not even in the mood for playing cards.  And if you know Tootie, that is a sign of a not very good day.

tootie playing cards

A good day = playing cards and hanging with family.

I sat next to her bed as she slowly picked at her dinner while quasi-watching the Golden Girls and tried to come up with something I could do for her that would be super special.  

Tootie and I are both very fond of food and I knew I would be back the next morning to have breakfast with her, so I knew what to do!  I would bring her a few of her very favorite foods for breakfast the next morning.  And so, I leaned in and asked her, “Mom what is your very favorite meal in the whole wide world?”  She turned her head, looked me directly in the eye and said in a crystal clear voice, “This one!” 

Ah Mom, thank you. Teaching and reminding me of critical life lessons up to the very end and even now, that’s the Tootie way.

The best meal?  This one.

The best moment?  This one.

holding hands

Thank you Mom, I love you!

tootie blowing bubbles